MOD KNOTSA Business Model

MOD provides public health solutions using a “Knowledge Translation, Synthesis, and Application” -KNOTSA- approach. “We search, innovate and provide emerging solutions, knowledge and practice for health promotion, diagnostic and therapeutic services and execute developed solution models for social impact.” Our approaches engage and target underserved communities and sub-populations where such emerging solutions are needed most for health promotion, and where the potential for social impact is highest. We are positioned as a local, low cost but efficient contract partner and our work is defined by asking and answering two fundamental questions:

  1. What is the newest, most promising public health evidence and solution?
  2. How can we accelerate the translation of this knowledge to practice within communities and sub-populations where new solutions are needed most?

Therefore, the company’s business KNOTSA model closes the knowledge translation gap, the “Know-Do Gap”, in public health by sourcing and translating new public health evidence and medical innovation from across the globe into practical health frameworks, models, processes, tools, and products.

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